Standard Band Web Site


Show Calendar ( App) is a Facebook based app which allows you to post shows from your facebook page, which automatically updates on your website. This is the most widely used show calendar software, and it's used by 90% of major label bands. What's your favorite band? They're probably using Bandsintown...

Mp3 Player (Soundcloud App)
Soundcloud is the leading Mp3 hosting service, and allows for easy integration with your website. If you prefer not to use Soundcloud, then we can build a custom Mp3 player

Video Gallery (Youtube)
If you want videos included on your website, they'll need to be hosted on

Image Gallery
We will build a custom image gallery on your website using the photos you provide.

Social Media Buttons
We will feature social media button/links for whatever social media sites your band uses. For example; twitter, facebook, youtube, instagram, etc...

Twitter Feed
We will integrate a twitter feed on your site which features your recent twitter activity. This is a great way to feature your latest news/updates for the band.

Mailing List Signup Form
A signup form that allows your fans to submit their email addresses to you. If you want to easily maintain a mailing list, we recommend signing up for (free) or (paid). These 3rd party apps will help you easily compile and send out newsletters.