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Prices are for the designs only, they do not include printing...


Bio/One-Sheet $150

Editorial style press kit layout incorporating your photo, logo, profile, bio, contact info, and other useful acheivements. Provided in PDF format, it can be printed or attached to emails.


6x9 Pocket Folder $175

Also available in 9x12 size.


Press Photo $25

Available in any size. Incorporates band logo & contact info.


Demo CD Label $50

Disc-surface design to match your press kit.


Business Card Design $50

Two-Sided, full color business card with your information.

Please Note: Since we are a design studio we don't handle printing in-house, but we can facilitate the printing for you. We work with several printing companies to get the best deal depending on how many press kits you need. Printing costs are handled separately from designs. Please CONTACT US for a current price list.


• Bio Format: Designs are provided as PDF's in 8.5x11in format. This size makes them easy to print at home, Kinkos, or a commercial printing facility. If you need a different size or format, then just let us know and we will be happy to provide you with the format of your choice. We also will provide you with a 'Web-Optimized' version of your press kit that can be attached to emails or downloaded from your web site.

• Demo CD Format: Demo CD Designs are provided as PDF's in 8.5x11in format. By default, we will set the designs into NEATO brand ink-jet templates for easy printing at home. Otherwise, we will set the designs into the template of your choice.

• Printing: Printing is not included as a part of our design service. This is so the client can take their designs and have them printed anywhere they want at a price that works for them. We do however offer 'Short-Run' printing services to those client that need it.

• Turn-Around Time: The average turn-around time for press kit design is 1.5 weeks, but it depends on the how quickly we can get feedback from you after you receive the proofs.

• Proofs: You will be provided with PDF 'Digital' proofs of your designs for review so you can approve them and we can make any necessary adjustments to the design before finalizing the project.


1. How many press kits do I get with my designs?
This is a design service, and not a printing service. We do not include any press kits with your order. You are free to have the press kits printed anywhere you like. If you need short-run printing then we do provide that, however.

2. Do you write the bio, or do I have to provide it? How long should it be?
Yes, you will need to provide your own bio to use in the press kit. Please download our 'Press Kit Design Check-list' for a detailed list of the things that we need from you to get started.

3. Do I need to send you my songs?
In most cases no, we do not need a copy of your actual songs. All we need are the names and the order that they are to appear on the Demo CD.

4. Can I edit my press kit design after I receive it?
No, your designs are provided as a PDF and are not 'editable'. If you need to make edits to the press kit then we will be happy to make them for you at a rate of $45/hr. If you would like to have an 'editable' version then we will provide the master files to you for a fee. The designs are created using Adobe InDesign CS4, so you will need this program to edit the files. We can't provide master design files for press kits in Photoshop or Word formats.

... If you have additional questions, then please feel free to Contact Us.

Contact: info@exothermicdesign.com